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Question: If you could add an hour to your da, what would you do with it? Read, probably. I know I have more than enough ti... weiterlesen

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Question: Where do you live? Up the hill above one of Germany’s worst weathered city. Up the hill and next to the for... weiterlesen

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Question: What was something you wanted today but couldn’t have? Some as usual: A hug from my boyfriend and a nap in ... weiterlesen

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Question: What was the last movie you rented? Wow, I even remember – “The wave” and “The life of o... weiterlesen

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Question: A person you wanted to ignore today ___? Sunday bloody Sunday – spending my Sunday alone at home due to the... weiterlesen

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Question: Question: What’s the last song you listened to? Since I listen to my random playlists without really payin... weiterlesen

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Question: It’s not a good idea to experiment with ____ Chilli peppers and a hand-held blender – once friends of... weiterlesen

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Question: Who’s your nemesis? I don’t really have any, at least not any I am aware of. Some people who studied ... weiterlesen

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Question: What’s your favourite word (right now?) Either “Feuertanz” or “Guild Wars”: The fi... weiterlesen

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Question: What would you like to ask your mother? I would like to ask her about my unborn sibling... I overheard a conversa... weiterlesen

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