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Okay, this is getting worse instead of better... it’s okay for hours as long as I am doing something, and at least I get so... weiterlesen

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Question: Jot down a news story from today Financial crisis is up again, the EU is desperately trying to save Cyprus, which... weiterlesen

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Question: The first thing you ate today was ___?   Sweets... sorry to admit it, but I had just a cup of coffee for br... weiterlesen

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Question: What was the last book you read? I am currently reading the “Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”, a compen... weiterlesen

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Question: Describe your work ethic. Love it or leave it – I do what I do, 100%, and if I don’t I leave it. I pu... weiterlesen

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Question: In three words, describe your spirituality. Romantic open minded changeable Normal 0 ... weiterlesen

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Question: What new activity have you tried? I haven’t tried something new in ages – I was even too busy to keep... weiterlesen

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Question: What do you want to buy? A lunchbox fit for microwaves, one that can be sealed tight so my lunch doesn’t sp... weiterlesen

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Question: What do you not want to talk about? Great question for a blog, seriously... okay, I am a very open person and I ... weiterlesen

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Question: What is true? Oh, that’s a bad one – one I could probably write books about. The thing is, truth is a... weiterlesen

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