The end

~ The End ~   My world was trembling, shaking, breaking, fires, rivers of red hot metal running through ... weiterlesen

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It is a fairytale-forest up here. A real enchanted wood, sea of green beneath my wandering feet. Up, up, high,... weiterlesen

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Poems of a while ago

Reading the Lord of the Rings, you cannot help being consumed by the atmosphere Tolkien conveys, you cannot help feeling like you were there, fee... weiterlesen

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Some thoughts of a lonesome, misty monday morning....   Clouds… Grey clouds, mist, paleness, drabness, ... weiterlesen

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Let me be...

I always thought that I wouldn’t want to have expectations… That I wouldn’t ask for anything… but I think, I need to th... weiterlesen

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To you....

Whoever you are, whereever you are right now...   Find me! Search for me! Wake me up again, wake up my heart, melt the ice.   Fin... weiterlesen

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Dying world

Autumn sun, autumn mist - the world is dying.   Grey cloak of death, Grey clouds of silence, Pale sky.   ... weiterlesen

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Standing here, at the edge of the water, Falling, falling, Rushing. Beneath me, above me, around me, Falling, falling, Rushi... weiterlesen

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