Question: Jot down a news story from today

Financial crisis is up again, the EU is desperately trying to save Cyprus, which is apparently almost bankrupt because of their weird financial system that just didn’t work and their banks that are crashing. It’s a sad story, and a confusing one, with the Cyprian government agreeing to a plan to use their citizens’ money to gather enough to be allowed to receive a rescue package from the EU, but then refusing the plan in Parliament and changing everything all over again, I think the situation and the current rescue plan change by the minute, and the people are of course angry and desperate – I mean, it’s a harsh and actually outraging thing that the state wants to use money that citizens saved over years to rescue the banks that have been failing and miss-calculating for years. But then, it’s also harsh that they develop such a great anger towards the European Union and especially Germany because it’s not our fault their banks are getting corrupt, it’s not our fault their government agreed on the rescue plan in first place, it’s the result of misconduct that has been going on for years... Oh well, I don’t know, I have no clue about economy, but I am really worried about where this entire crisis thingy will lead us in the end... Let’s see what will be here next year, maybe financial crisis all over again? Hopefully not...

29.3.13 09:45


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