Question: What do you not want to talk about?

Great question for a blog, seriously... okay, I am a very open person and I talks about most things, also because I made a resolution at some point that I don’t have to feel ashamed if someone else hurts or mistreats me. Still there is some things I hardly talk about, though I wrote them down once, because it still hurts... Mainly the things that happened between me and my first boyfriend, things I was ashamed for myself for years... that he cheated on me, that he did things I didn’t want...

Or my inner life when I was a teenager – I talk about that a lot as those of you who know me will sure confirm, but not the details... not what I thought about or wished for, not that I really believe I would be dead but for my friends – I mean, I say that, but I don’t say why exactly, at least I usually don’t... But in general I talk about almost everything, at least with people I know I can trust – and I don’t mind because I know they can take it. I really wouldn’t want to tell my parents how I really felt back in those terrible teenage years, at least not explicitly – they’d just feel bad about it, and these days are over, so why bother...

29.3.13 09:42


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