Question: What is true?

Oh, that’s a bad one – one I could probably write books about. The thing is, truth is always in the eye of the perceiver, beholder, and different people can come to very different conclusions about what true means, or what is true for them. For myself, I believe that, when it comes to ethics, beliefs or religion, in particular, but not exclusively, even though you know what is true for you doesn’t mean that what others believe is false, I don’t believe that truths contradict, which makes it even more complicated. I think everyone needs to find their own meaning of truth and true, of values and faith...

There are some songs, however, that hold some general truth, or so I believe – I believe that no matter what you think of feel or believe in, there is some truth behind it all that is always there and always applicable, some general pattern behind the world and our thinking... You only recognise the good because there’s also evil, and strength reveal itself when weakness is victorious. Love is eternal, persists through space and time, and hate has been her brother throughout eternity. You are only loved in a place where you can be weak without getting scolded and ridiculed in return....Those who do not prove anything prove a hell of a lot – there is no enemy, there is no victory, no one can do anything alone, no one deserves his/ her life... Those lines hold some general, universal truth for me, this is the song that sounds throughout the world, our lives, the melody of ours hearts, so to say. There is truth in those lines that will always prevail, always be there, even though you can put in in other words as well. Truth is what we make it, and everyone’s will be different, just as everyone’s dreams, lives, believes and experiences, worlds, are different – but this is something bigger, something more general!

But then, I can only see the world through my own eyes, I cannot change that. Every one of us can only ever see the world from their own perspective through their own eyes, with their own experiences as a background. We all have our own truths, and sometimes they overlap, but they must always reflect our view of the world, and ourselves, in the end... as I said, apart from those few patterns of universal truth – but then, maybe those are also different for different people. I can only say what I believe – and maybe, if we share those believes and lines and carry them in our hearts, we can make them a part of our world, of our apparent world – maybe those, alongside with other, lines and thoughts might change the world after all someday – but that’s a whole different topic...

(Oh dear, I sound just as blue eyed and pathetic as I did with 16 *smile* I guess this blind idealism and romanticism is just a part of me I can’t get rid of, some of my innermost foundations... well, dream on, dream on, I do believe in fairies, I do, I do – if only it didn’t sound just as pathetic ... ^^°

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