… me:


The escapist

I want my tears back

I would do anything for love



Wir sind allein

Stück vom Himmel

Land of the Miracle


Ever dream

Cry over me

Ich dreh mich um dich

original sin

bad for good

faster than the speed of night

stand up

dance until we die

I wish I was a punk rocker

the rose

Bad for good

Neue Brücken


Bleibt alles anders


… if you want to know who I am, listen to those songs – maybe they’ll tell you! At least a little bit…



Though this list is far from complete, still… Born from a very nice evening in Morocco when a friend asked all of us to give her ten songs for a party night and we made a game of guessing which song was whose, so I tried to take ten songs that reflect not only my music-taste spectrum, but also my thoughts, ideas about the world, everything… Gave them kind of a surprise, but that was maybe the moment when I realized that maybe those songs can tell someone more about me than I could myself in several hours… And if any of you can think of anything that belongs to this list and is still missing – tell me ;-)

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