The end

~ The End ~


My world was
fires, rivers of
red hot metal
running through
the fissured lands.
Dark sky above,
a storm of black night,
thunder dancing,
splitting the heavens,
dissecting the sky.
My world was going to pieces.
Or so I felt,
I knew it would,
would you draw closer,
would you reach out
for me...
All I wanted,
all I desired,
all I wished for
was to stand
amidst all this
chaos and destruction,
and hold on
to you,
to thee,
to be embraced
and protected
and sheltered –
You would have
destroyed my world
and built it anew
in the same moment,
would have saved me,
protected me,
firm, everything that’s
and desirable
and certain...


Now, it’s all over.


The world has
stopped shaking,
the leaking streams
of ire have ceased,
the storm has lost its power –
a slight breeze that’s left,
dust in the wind,
barren lands –


But I am alive,
the world is firm again,
here I stand.
barren lands,
but firm ground,
solid ground,
once again a complete world,
pieces falling together,
not apart.


The end.
And the end it was
that stopped my
word going to pieces,
fall apart and
sort anew,
the end it was
that stopped
my mind racing,
my world ending.


You were my hope,
my dream,
my memory in the night –
I do not regret it
now the aftermath is ceasing
and all the shaking
and tumbling ends.
I do not regret.


It is a barren,
lonely land,
in which I stand,
in which I dance,
dance for myself.


skeletal landscape
beneath my flying feet;


But the sun is rising,
rising again,
it is a dawn,
a new dawn
I am facing.


Just one beam of sunlight,
just one ray of light,
a river rising
to spill away
all the destruction,
clear the dust
I lift my eyes
to the horizon.
You were a dream,
my memories,
a hope,
but to new hope
I am rising,
on, on,
further, ahead,
no backward glances!
No pain,
no despair,
no resignation –
Just ahead!


The end of hope
and dreaming,
and yet –
the end of
barren lands and destruction.
A new dawn,
here I am,
head held high,
proud and confident.


After the storm
and the rain,
I will make
the flowers grow again!
New day,
new hope
new light –
no I do not regret,
I do not regret it!
With a wave of a hand
in this wasted land,
I dance –

under a swift sunrise!

~ ~ ~

2.6.08 17:12


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Sabine (5.6.08 19:00)
oh dinchen.... I'm really sorry for you!!! I've wished you the very best, but it wasn't enough... I hope it really was not that bad for you, as you said!

meliath / Website (5.6.08 23:55)
It is not... I even survived today... but more on that later... *smile*

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