Let me be...

I always thought that I wouldn’t want to have expectations… That I wouldn’t ask for anything… but I think, I need to think again…


To you…


Where ever you are, who ever you are –
Find me!
I don’t know what to do,
To feel,
Where to search,
Whether to search you…
But please, let me be found!


Appreciate me.
Me. Just myself.
Despite my mistakes,
My flaws and
Weakness – or just because of it!


Be gentle, for I am breakable…


But I am.
I am myself,
I am a freak,
I am!


Let me be your
The sunrise you face,
The moonlight,
The sea and the fire.
But let me be!
Let me be what I am.
Take me – as I am,
Not just what I could be…


Be careful, and be gentle…
I will lay my life
Down before your feet –
So don’t step on it!
I am begging you…



I don’t need anybody
To satisfy his arrogance,
Don’t need anyone to tell me
How to be.
Take me –
My style,
My not existing style,
My way, my life…


I want to fall,
Really fall for you,
Lie in your arms and feel
The world stop turning,
Feel that this world stops dying
Just for one moment,
For fraction of a breath.
Let me fall,
Into your eyes….
Embrace me,
Hold me tight,
Don’t let me fall down –
I’ll shatter if I hit the ground…


I am ready –
To find you,
Loose my mind,
Fall or you…
Just don’t let me hit the ground.


Let me be your rising sun,
Your star,
Your light,
Let me be!
Be proud of me,
Bind me with the freedom you give me,
Free me with your bonds,
Appreciate me,
Respect me,
Love me!
Let me be,
For I am –
And I will throw myself,
My life,
My mind,
To your feet,
Into you hands…


Don’t let me fall…


I ask a lot,
But I feel that I deserve….


I am that star up in the sky!
I am that mountain-peak up high!
I have come until here!
I am, I am worth it!
And I won’t take less,
Ask less of you.


It I a lot,
But remember:
I would do anything for you,
I will dance through the night with you,
Be your sun,
Be your light,
For you’ll be mine…
I’ll be with you…
I’ll lay my love to your feet…


Just keep that in mind…


Come and find me!
I am not desperate,
But I am longing…


Are you searching?
Are you waiting?
For I am…


I am…

18.1.08 21:33


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