1.1.2013 Question: what is your mission? Wow, what a question to start with. Well, let’s s... weiterlesen

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2.1.2013 Question: Can people change? Oh my, what a question – I could write novels about ... weiterlesen

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Question: What are you doing right now? Apart from writing this blog/ diary entry? Listening to the... weiterlesen

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Question: The best part of today? Hm, nothing particular today, just work, not proceeding as fast... weiterlesen

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4.1.2013, update

I just discovered I have the 9th Symphony from Beethoven on my PC – I probably knew but was no... weiterlesen

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Question: What was the last restaurant you went to? Hm, if a diner counts, it was the Planet 16 i... weiterlesen

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Question: Today was tough because… ... of several reasons, but reconsidering, it was not a v... weiterlesen

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Question: You are lucky; How so or not so? I am more than just lucky, I could go as far as to say I... weiterlesen

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Question: What song is stuck in your head? I usually have some song stuck in my head all the time, ... weiterlesen

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Question: Was today typical? Why or why not? It was a typical day with respect to many things, li... weiterlesen

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