silence of a racing mind

I write so seldom at the moment… Despite the fact that my mind is racing and I am thinkin... weiterlesen

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Turmoil settling

Calling my mind into order... some time to breath and take my time – I think it’s ti... weiterlesen

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a storm to come

A storm is coming... the weather and nature itself are most extraordinary in the last few days..... weiterlesen

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high affinity

I have developed a high affinity to my bed in the last few days…Just lying there, snuggli... weiterlesen

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quiet Thursdays...

Somehow, my Thursdays have changed…   There is no rush anymore because of him... I... weiterlesen

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A piece of past erased

The first time ever I deleted a piece of text I set down here before… because somehow, du... weiterlesen

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into the unknown...

Funny to think about tomorrow...   I know I will meet someone I really get on well with t... weiterlesen

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