I know I should study – but I threw all the plans yesterday, in a way. Never mind. Not as if I... weiterlesen

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How did a friend of mine put it… There are so many ideas of love and romantic and everything,... weiterlesen

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Independence zero

I guess I understand a part of the problem I have at the moment… I am dependent on other... weiterlesen

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Breaking waves and calming oceans...

It’s getting better. Way better. Getting around somehow… I don’t even know w... weiterlesen

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Nocte Obscura, the 3rd

The third time I went to Nocte Obscura – I just got myself alone and actually ready to sleep &... weiterlesen

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What a weekend. I don’t want to go into details, maybe not yet, maybe because it is just unnec... weiterlesen

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by the way...

I realized that, with all the confusion and chaos in my emotional environment and condition, somethi... weiterlesen

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Autumn mists...

Autumn came quickly, and surprising! The first yellow tips of the trees were there already when I re... weiterlesen

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Another 'by the way'...

Just a little note.  Somehow, it is gone – the feeling of desire and imagining someone ne... weiterlesen

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Bye then...

How are you? people ask me so often nowadays. Fine. Yeah, right. It was true. Now I am not that... weiterlesen

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