here I am - written on the 26th of July

Here I am – back home!And now I am here, I find I was very much mistaken thinking the rapid ch... weiterlesen

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Well well well… Not that easy to get to the computer with two sisters around… One... weiterlesen

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Black holes and revelations

A long time again, considering the pace in which I usually produce the written image of my mind...&n... weiterlesen

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Twilight. On my mind, in my feelings, pleasantly gloomy at times, bright with dying light, thoughtfu... weiterlesen

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Something took over yesterday – I missed him. Strange. I thought it all would dissolve, get be... weiterlesen

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A friend of mine got into hospital on Sunday – still they don’t know what’s the ma... weiterlesen

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Silence. Words unspoken, even unthought. I keep myself from thinking what’s unpleasant, what s... weiterlesen

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Night shift

My first night shift ever! And it was… well, weird. Of course I was tired, but not overl... weiterlesen

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Twisting, turning...

*sigh* A world twisting and turning and moving, and I am hardly able to keep up the pace in wri... weiterlesen

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