irrelevant informations

Something entirely useless to write down, or even bother with, because it cannot be helped anyway an... weiterlesen

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Thinking about people I knew, people I know, myself, about conversations I have had with friends rec... weiterlesen

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I think the exams this term are better than those last one… Seen from the angle of difficulty... weiterlesen

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hard core!

It was the hard core of my Arnis – sport-mates assembled tonight – and an evening that d... weiterlesen

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Awake at last - already!

Awake already – and despite the numbness of my brain, this typical slow-workingness I know so ... weiterlesen

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~ Funny to feel this way… I lack the pressure. I don’t really know what to do with my t... weiterlesen

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A word I like to use at the moment… Somehow… Exams are almost over – I do h... weiterlesen

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what a night...

Another evening different from my plans – but it was cool!Practising a bit with a few guys fro... weiterlesen

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night-time conversations...

I had a long talk with my ex-boyfriend once more... I actually intended to get it written down here,... weiterlesen

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Strange emotions on my mind… Thoughtful. It is late, I don’t know. What do I feel ... weiterlesen

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