I am so tired… I am dizzy.I need some rest, some sleep, some long sleep – But I cannot ... weiterlesen

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The trickery of photographs

The picture on my desktop is a photograph of my cat... He is dead for over a month now and on t... weiterlesen

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It is a fairytale-forest up here.A real enchanted wood,sea of green beneathmy wandering feet.Up, up,... weiterlesen

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Carpe Noctem!

Nocte Obscura… Wave, Gothic, Black party here in Marburg…Actually, I didn’t real... weiterlesen

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Good morning, dear world!

Already, a new day is beginning… outside though the world lies still in darkness, the birds a... weiterlesen

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My little torture days...

One more fact I got to know about myself recently:I find it hard to blame others. I search the fault... weiterlesen

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A wasted day – almost… not as if I hadn’t have a lot to do... But somehow, I coul... weiterlesen

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In between...

 Well, it is a new day, bright and warm and wonderful. I feel better than yesterday, but not mu... weiterlesen

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Thus a beautiful day end...

What a day… Just as unproductive as yesterday… I went out into the wood again, as... weiterlesen

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Thus a beautiful day ends in WRATH...

It is the first time in a long while that I got really angry… that I dared to feel wrath&hell... weiterlesen

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